Therefore, when implementing a new payroll software, it can be beneficial to customize the platform upfront. You’ve done your homework and you’ve finally found the perfect payroll provider for your business. But shopping around for different payroll implementation plan payroll providers and actually carrying out a payroll implementation are two very different stories. As a result, implementation mistakes are common and can sometimes sour relationships between providers and users early on.

  1. This is a unique service model that differs from many others who have self-service support or a call center you’ll need to reach.
  2. Having a solid onboarding process and being sure that you have total compliance is the key for an outstanding payroll implementation.
  3. An implementation plan template is a pre-built framework that guides your project.
  4. Some businesses opt for thorough system integration tests, sometimes using specialist testers.

One of the significant issues faced in global payroll implementation is that it might take months to set up. It can become a hurdle for businesses that are in the midst of worldwide expansion and need faster scalability. To deal with compliance issues, you may plan to outsource the payroll implementation. Executing a global payroll transformation can be a challenge, but the benefits to be gained from the latest payroll solutions are well worth it for multinational organizations looking to get and stay ahead. After conducting your research and narrowing down the best fit for your company, it’s time to start the payroll planning. Some organizations only need pure compensation functionality, while others rely on a system for more comprehensive features like workforce management, tax services, reporting and compliance management.

Thus, statutory compliance is the most significant challenge a company can face, according to the Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI). To reduce the pressure on the teams implementing the new solution and on the outcome of the transformation, it’s best to implement one new solution at a time. Gathering your gross-to-net figures, payslips, period-to-date data, and the rest of the information needed for implementation can take up valuable time if it’s not ready to go. Once you decide to expand to a particular location and employees have accepted and signed employment contracts, the onboarding process begins. Researching the country where the hiring takes place to learn about the local customs, salary expectations, and common benefits.

We have the ability to implement payroll in 180+ countries around the world and the operational experience to deliver all our services to the highest standards. This Excel Project Implementation Plan Template by Viindoo gives you a beautifully designed spreadsheet where you can plan your next project. The ClickUp ISO 9001 Implementation Project Plan Template Is here to rescue you.

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Therefore, if you’re planning on having a multinational workforce, you must comply with the payroll rules. As a business owner, you must focus on your payroll administration if you want to have smooth operations and ensure your workforce gives its best performance. And, if you own a multinational corporation, you must ensure your global payroll works excellently to promote your business’ growth. The right tools make implementation planning a natural part of your workflow, enhancing your team’s abilities to complete desks without adding to their admin burden. The spreadsheet turns your implementation plan into a functional Gantt chart so that you can track the progress of your project through every step. Gantt charts are excellent for visualizing project tasks and the overall implementation timeline.

SAP SuccessFactors Integration: Integration Center and Cloud Integration

By ensuring an outstanding payroll processing and administration you can receive a great performance of your workforce. Our team of specialists can assist you on each stage of your implementation planning. We’re readily available to provide you a comprehensive solution that can boost your business. Once you know your needs in terms of your payroll process, you have to look for a service provider that can give you a proper solution. The next step in your payroll implementation should be connecting with local partners to consider which one of them could assist you. Our article takes you through the main issues, advantages and disadvantages around global payroll implementation, including key points to consider when choosing a payroll implementation expert.

While familiar systems and processes might feel comfortable, replicating your old system in the new one negates the benefits of an upgrade. Instead of a mere lift and shift, be open to the innovative features and workflows the new system provides. The migration process often requires repetition, especially for testing and parallel runs. Hence, it’s beneficial to make this process as repeatable and automated as possible, ensuring efficiency and reducing errors.

If you’re planning on expanding to a location and you’ve hired your employees, it’s time to begin with the onboarding process. Asking the right questions in your RFP will help you understand what’s needed, as well as the ideal format and transfer method of the data. Minimizing delays or issues around obtaining payroll data will go a long way toward reducing related setbacks once the implementation process begins. Outsourcing payroll implementation to local payroll service providers is very promising, but it creates a whole new set of challenges for Global Organisations and those who are operating across geographies. For example, co-ordination with multiple payroll solutions providers requires dealing with varied processes and systems. It is important that you do due diligence when choosing a partner organization for your global payroll implementation.

After all, understanding these success metrics is vital — without them, you can’t truly measure if the project’s goals have been achieved. Once you have evaluated your current processes, the goal is to check if there’s something you can optimize or if you need help in any step. When you’ve gathered and considered enough relevant evidence, make your choice of provider based on the strongest quotes, bids and/or references and go on to plan the process further. This Implementation Design Principle document provides guidance on using SAP BTP Services (as part of SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone) to create new extensions and/or modify standard content as per customer’s needs. SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is a Core HR Information System which enables businesses to manage/maintain Organization, Job & Pay Structure data and Person & Employment data.

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For a business transformation project to be successful, it requires all affected parties to be involved in the journey. Don’t just think of the direct impacts of a huge system change either, you need to think in broader terms. While you need to ensure things are managed well at your end, your provider should also be on hand when needed. They should be there to answer any questions and help calm your nerves if you have any concerns. And when it comes to something as important as payroll, no concern is too small.

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Especially if you’re moving to a new, updated system that involves digital transformation of your HR function. All stakeholders and key individuals involved should follow one plan for the implementation project to ensure everyone is working to the same milestones and end goal. Getting the offer right is a major challenge for companies exploring global expansion. It is essential to have a local partner on the ground to advise on all workforce related matters and keep up with changes in tax codes and labor laws.

The first step in choosing a partner for global payroll implementation is to know what you need from the process. The next step is to scope whether there are firms willing and able to meet your needs. A credible and trustworthy global payroll implementation provider will be happy to spend time explaining their services and the value they add.

While payroll experts might detect irregularities others might miss, they might need guidance on formal testing processes. If they’re inexperienced in testing, consider offering training or extra support from the likes of Jemini. Instead, it’s recommended to cleanse the data beforehand to ensure it aligns with the new system’s requirements. By refining project elements into a single page, this initiative means that everyone involved remains aligned with the intended outcomes.

This initial planning phase is also essential to engage the right people to be part of the implementation team. After all, successful projects are built on good relationships and communication. After selecting a vendor, you must jointly lay out a detailed roadmap to your ultimate goal of first successful payroll with your new system.